The Serb-Croat rapprochement received a significant boost recently when Croatian pop diva Severina and Serb copper tycoon Milan Popovic announced they were in love.

That they are madly in love, with a Miami Beach holiday and Las Vegas wedding very possibly on the cards, is one point that everyone seems to agree on. Different sources also agree that Popovic, the son of a former high-ranking communist party official, once bulldozed a brand new house haunted by evil spirits, as one does. But all agreement stops right there.

 The paper I first learned of Severina and Milan’s romance from, London’s Metro, implicates Severina in this particular property destruction. She advised Milan to consult a psychic, who then advised for the house to be razed. Simple.

But when in my quest to learn more I turned to Croatian and Serbian celeb portals, I did learn more, only more confusing.

According to these publications, Severina had nothing to do with this psychic business! Milan had been superstitious before he met her. The psychic in question has ruled his life for years now. 

 Who is one to believe in this world, really?

Tihomir Loza

Tihomir Loza is deputy director of Transitions Online. Email:

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