Have you ever listened to heavy metal or rap music? If so, you must be a sadist, drug addict or just a generally immoral person according to Uzekistan’s state television.

In a documentary broadcast yesterday entitled ‘Melody and Calamity’ the country’s Youht TV denounced heavy metal and rap as dangerous Western imports with the “music approaching as dark clouds over the heads of Uzbek youth”.

The program, made in the style of a Soviet propaganda film, includes some interesting facts for musos to note including such gems as “rock music originated from African hunting rituals” and “rap was originated by inmates in prisons, that’s why rap singers wear wide and long trousers”.

According to the AFP:

“The documentary also mentioned scientific research studying the effects of the music on human health, saying that if classical music was a cure from illnesses, rock and rap are the tickets to death.

The film repeatedly showed footage of Western singers in concerts, an encroaching scorpion and ended with a nuclear bomb blast in the background.

The broadcast of the documentary comes after Uzbekistan withdrew approval for the broadcast of two Russian television channels, reportedly due to the high sexual content in some of their shows.”

Andrew Fenwick

Andrew Fenwick is multimedia editor at Transitions Online. Email: andrew.fenwick@tol.org

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