With street art having long ago made the transition from city streets and subways to white-washed gallery spaces, it could be said that modern, urban design is less about toying with the establishment and more about appealing to rich, international collectors.

Is it wrong, however, to want to make a career out of something that presumably started as a creative outlet?

Next Targets, which runs at Prague’s Chemistry Gallery until 10 April, aims to marry these two worlds by offering a platform for some of the Czech Republic’s most talented up-and-coming artists to showcase their works.

The exhibition, which runs in cycles, brings together a group of new artists with a similar stylistic sense every three months, and invites art experts, collectors and curious members of the public to share their views on whatever happens to be hanging on the walls at the time.

The latest installment focuses on the work of two recent graduates of Ostrava’s Art Academy – Jan Vytiska and Pavla Malinova – as well as Tomas Prchal, a third-year student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Those looking for the next Banksy, however, may be in for something of a shock, as this animated work from Vytiska demonstrates:

Andrew Fenwick

Andrew Fenwick is multimedia editor at Transitions Online. Email: andrew.fenwick@tol.org

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