In a recent video interview, Czech sculptor David Černý bemoaned the fact that regardless of the quality of your art, if you’re not from New York or London, you’re unlikely to garner much international attention.

Aiming to address this is Prague’s Sperm Festival which runs from Friday until Sunday at MeetFactory – a venue managed by Černý – that is set to showcase the work of some of the Czech Republic’s most experimental artists and musicians alongside their global counterparts.

Now in its fifth year, this year the festival will focus on the theme of “crossing the shadow” and will find the likes of electronic dub producer Disrupt and Australian pop outfit Architecture in Helsinki sharing a stage with Czech artists including avant-electro act Napszyklat and experimental acoustic five-piece, Forma.

Aiming to educate its audience as much as entertain it, this year’s event will also feature a series of seminars and workshops from leading visual artists and software developers. Among them are Turkish A/V specialists Candas Sisman and Denis Radev who will be speaking on Friday, and on Sunday the makers of Easterndaze, an interactive tool mapping the eastern european music scene, will deliver a lecture, followed by a panel discussion on the Czech music scene abroad.

Andrew Fenwick

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