After the fiasco of Split’s gay pride of 11 June, the one in
Zagreb a week later took place in a generally good atmosphere with only minor
incidents. A number of prominent politicians and other public figures showed
up, though not President Josipovic and Prime Minister Kosor, who were both busy

As it is kind of becoming a norm at relatively successful
pride events in the region, the state was present in the form of countless
plainclothes and uniformed policemen.

According to a poll conducted by the Hendal agency for the Croatian
Television (HTV), 38.3 percent of Croatian citizens support pride events, while
53.5 don’t. When it comes to the country’s LGBT community right to hold pride
events, 51.3 would not ban such events, while 41.2 would.

Tihomir Loza

Tihomir Loza is deputy director of Transitions Online. Email:

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