As we reported last week, Prague’s Fresh Film Fest – which begins tomorrow – aims to provide a wide portrait of contemporary world cinema, with around 150 titles being shown in five competitive categories.

Here are our picks for day one:


2010 88 MIN
Director: Vincent Lannoo

Cinema Svetozor – 22:30

Is there such a thing as an ordinary day in the life of a vampire? Do they have normal relationships and communities like the rest of us? These and many other questions will be answered in a daring documentary insight into the life of the St.Germains, a typical vampire family living on the suburb in Belgium. Their naughty son often indulges in late-night partying and their emo-like teenage daughter wishes to become a human being. The humorous mockumentary builds an original world around the daily existence of vampires and their human neighbours and fills it with surprising bizarre details and grotesque ideas.

The Green Wave

2010 80 MIN, Doc.
Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi

Ponec Theatre – 16:00

A complex and highly suggestive portrayal of the 2009 presidential elections in Iran. The young generation believed that the tide of change and the turning point were coming, so they went into the streets. Músáví seemed to be a clear winner of the elections, however, the conservative president wanted to win at any cost and did not hesitate to use brutal means of intimidation. The combination of animation, mobile phone records, bloggers’ quotations and respondents’ testimonies create a convincing picture of totality and the feelings of young Iranian generation.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

United Kingdom
2010 87 MIN, Doc.
Director: Banksy

Riegrovy Sady Open Air – 20:30

Thierry Guetta, an amateur film maker, decides to make a document about street artists. Gradually, he becomes acquainted with many well known graffiti artists and as their accomplice participates in the late-night graffiti attacks on the empty walls of the world capitals. However, his collection of the street artists lacks the greatest one – Banksy. Having finally met him, Banksy advices him to become an artist himself. Sophisticated composition of this mystifying documentary plays with the cult of a street artist and provides funny and detached comments on the contemporary street art scene.

Andrew Fenwick

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