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Masters of Smear

By Jeremy Druker + February 8th, 2012

If you never lived under a communist regime or one of today’s mutations and always wondered how a communist-style smear campaign might look, consider the wonderful investigative work aired this week by Belarusian state television (BT).

A Different View of Belarus

By Jeremy Druker + February 1st, 2012

What is it about Belarus that brings out the best in photojournalists?

The Czech Republic’s Bonus Bonanza

By Jeremy Druker + January 18th, 2012

There seems to be more than a touch of envy in all of this outrage over bloated pay for some government officials.

The Prospects of Facebook Activism in Uzbekistan

By Jeremy Druker + January 13th, 2012

Given the fear factor, it’s hard to imagine all this new online activity making a difference without many other developments occurring “offline” at the same time.

Messiahs Don’t Compromise, or Do They?

By Jeremy Druker + January 5th, 2012

It’s times like this that make one wonder if sometimes countries such as Hungary aren’t better off having opportunistic crooks in power who take their share and leave than ideologues that seem to be willing to run their nations into the ground.

Havel the Economist

By Jeremy Druker + December 21st, 2011

However unlikely it would have seemed, Havel even excelled in the area of economic affairs during his presidency.

Anti-corruption Mania!

By Jeremy Druker + December 14th, 2011

Nowadays it seems that everywhere you look corruption is the buzzword of Czech society.

Bogeyman on the Horizon

By Jeremy Druker + December 7th, 2011

People might not be cognizant of the enormous trepidation that some Slovaks feel over the prospect of Fico’s return.

Bride Kidnapping Part II

By Jeremy Druker + December 5th, 2011

A crusader against bride kidnapping has developing an effective educational program to rid Kyrgyzstan of the practice.

The First Lady Strikes Again

By Jeremy Druker + November 16th, 2011

After Livia Klausova’s foundation cut off funding from a kids’ magazine that had apparently offended her, a wave of both prominent and ordinary Czechs come to the rescue.

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan Back in the Spotlight

By Jeremy Druker + November 9th, 2011

Bride kidnapping is such a provocative topic that I guess I figured that the practice had declined in Central Asia since I had heard less of it lately. How wrong I apparently was.

A Man To Watch

By Jeremy Druker + October 19th, 2011

During a few days in Poland earlier this week, I conducted an unscientific poll among several people that I met, asking their opinion of Janusz Marian Palikot, one of the more interesting characters to emerge on the Central European political scene in the last decade.

Vaclav Havel’s Error in Judgment

By Jeremy Druker + October 12th, 2011

I’m one of those people that has difficulty writing anything negative about Vaclav Havel, so this was a tough post to write.

Czech Roma Ghettos: Finally At the Top of the Agenda?

By Jeremy Druker + September 21st, 2011

Recent incidents—violent attacks by young Roma, extremist marches on largely Roma-inhabited housing estates, locals complaining of Roma criminality—have finally brought the ghetto situation more out in the open.

Remittances on the Rebound

By Jeremy Druker + September 14th, 2011

Living in Prague, one can easily forget how important remittances are to so many people in TOL’s coverage region.

More WikiLeaks Fun in the Czech Republic

By Jeremy Druker + September 12th, 2011

The Czech daily Mlada fronta DNES today publicized its analysis of the recent diplomatic dispatches released by Wikileaks that concern the Czech Republic.

Burma: The Importance of Central Europe

By Jeremy Druker + August 31st, 2011

An interesting strategy is afoot to get Central European governments more involved in taking a tougher line on Burma within the EU.

And Now Poland is Complicit As Well

By Jeremy Druker + August 19th, 2011

The Polish prosecutor general’s office also passed along bank information to Minsk that led to the arrest of a human rights activist.

A Little Bit of Justice — So Far

By Jeremy Druker + August 17th, 2011

What happens when a media outlet not only refuses to defend colleagues that have run into trouble with the authorities, but actually verbally attacks them and incites threats of violence?


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