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Bad Parents?

By S. Adam Cardais + November 22nd, 2012

In Central and Eastern Europe, have foreign banks done more harm than good?

The Austerity Argument

By S. Adam Cardais + November 8th, 2012

What does Estonia say about the merits of belt-tightening in a crisis?

Poland Leads World’s Business Reformers

By S. Adam Cardais + October 26th, 2012

Six of the top 10 reformers in Doing Business 2013 are TOL countries – and Poland is top dog worldwide

Kosovo: The Challenges Ahead

By S. Adam Cardais + September 13th, 2012

By gaining full independence this week, Kosovo reached a political milestone. But major hurdles remain.

Europe: Too Afraid to Fail?

By S. Adam Cardais + September 6th, 2012

Fear inspired the EU’s creation – will fear save it?

Putin and the “Other Russia”

By S. Adam Cardais + August 23rd, 2012

How do rural working class Russians really feel about Vladimir Putin?

Israel and the Great Game

By Jeremy Druker + July 25th, 2012

It makes strategic sense for Israel to cozy up to the nasty regimes of Central Asia, but will the public care?

Hungary’s Ironic Backslide

By S. Adam Cardais + July 12th, 2012

Who would have thought Hungary, of all the former Warsaw Pact countries, would be inching toward authoritarianism today?

A Common Market to De-Balkanize the Balkans?

By Ky Krauthamer + July 6th, 2012

The fatal flaw of “Balkan Benelux” is the brutal fact that wider Europe doesn’t need these four countries.

Mongolia: A Microfinance Test Case

By S. Adam Cardais + June 21st, 2012

When it comes to poverty reduction or small business creation, just how effective is microfinance?

Europe’s Roma on the Margins

By S. Adam Cardais + May 24th, 2012

The EU, UN and World Bank say the findings of a new survey are a call to action on Roma integration

Serbia: The Calm Before the Storm?

By S. Adam Cardais + May 17th, 2012

The 6 May elections created a false sense of tranquility in Serbia

A Population Puzzler

By Barbara Frye + May 15th, 2012

Could a country’s shrinking labor market lead to too few jobs?

Putin’s Strange New Base

By S. Adam Cardais + May 10th, 2012

Vladimir Putin won a third presidential term by appealing to the working class, the people who’ve benefited least from his rule. Can he hold their support?

Central Asia’s Lumpy Mattresses

By Barbara Frye + April 24th, 2012

With banking rates near zero, and saving rates respectable, where do the region’s people keep their money?

The Balkan Jobs Crisis

By S. Adam Cardais + April 19th, 2012

Why is unemployment so high in the western Balkans, and what can be done?

Europocalypse Now

By S. Adam Cardais + April 16th, 2012

The euro zone crisis has entered a dangerous new phase, some say

Newsflash! Stealing Doesn’t Pay

By Jeremy Druker + April 12th, 2012

The Uzbek government has apparently finally decided that it doesn’t make economic sense to rip off foreign investors and abscond with their property.

The Perils of EU Membership?

By Barbara Frye + April 11th, 2012

In Bulgaria, accession has been good for the bad guys, too.


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S. Adam Cardais

Bad Parents?

In Central and Eastern Europe, have foreign banks done more harm than good?[...] Read the rest »