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A Balkan Youthquake?

By S. Adam Cardais + March 28th, 2012

From Skopje to Sarajevo, young people are alienated and increasingly frustrated

Online Dissent Around Belarusian Executions

By Jeremy Druker + March 23rd, 2012

Many bloggers believe the executed to be victims of the regime, and some have even posted the men’s pictures on their social media pages.

(Mis)Education in Bosnia

By S. Adam Cardais + March 22nd, 2012

An acclaimed Bosnian writer details the alarming state of post-war education in his homeland

From Skopje, Another Press Policy Puzzler

By Barbara Frye + March 21st, 2012

More troubling developments in the media landscape, maybe.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

By S. Adam Cardais + March 8th, 2012

A Russian journalist offers a chilling portrait of the KGB officer turned pol

Too-Great Expectations?

By Barbara Frye + February 28th, 2012

What does a new documentary about Nashi tell us about the next generation of Russian politicians and activists?

Stand Up and Be Counted

By Ky Krauthamer + February 27th, 2012

A common thread running through the criticisms of the national Roma programs is the failure to take full advantage of available EU funding.

When Censorship is the Default Mode

By Barbara Frye + February 6th, 2012

Though dramatic attacks on press freedom are a problem, the real threat is a prevailing idea that information simply shouldn’t be free.

The Right to Think Stupid Thoughts

By Ky Krauthamer + January 27th, 2012

Officially, X occurred. X was a terrible thing. Therefore, denial of X should be a crime.

The Former USSR 20 Years On: Lessons for the Arab Spring?

By S. Adam Cardais + January 26th, 2012

Looking back on the former Soviet Union’s bumpy road since 1991 offers cause for concern in the Arab world today, but also for optimism

The Eastern Partnership, in a Role That Will Surprise You

By Barbara Frye + January 25th, 2012

Nice Danes + annoying Easterners = pretty good TV.

Kosovo: On Vetevendosje’s ‘Determination,’ Part Two

By S. Adam Cardais + January 19th, 2012

Was Self-Determination’s border protest in Kosovo last weekend a success?

The Prospects of Facebook Activism in Uzbekistan

By Jeremy Druker + January 13th, 2012

Given the fear factor, it’s hard to imagine all this new online activity making a difference without many other developments occurring “offline” at the same time.

In Russia, It’s the Geeks Versus the Tank Brigade

By Barbara Frye + January 10th, 2012

Some funny, weird, and ominous stories are coming out of Russia since the massive protests that may give a hint about the level of anxiety that they have provoked.

Born for Drudgery?

By Barbara Frye + January 3rd, 2012

Imagine knowing by the age of 15 that your life will always be one of privation and labor.

Havel the Economist

By Jeremy Druker + December 21st, 2011

However unlikely it would have seemed, Havel even excelled in the area of economic affairs during his presidency.

The Out of Sight, Out of Mind Kids

By Ky Krauthamer + December 16th, 2011

… they simply replaced the word “special” in school names with the word “practical”

Bosnia: A Fresh Perspective

By S. Adam Cardais + December 15th, 2011

In her controversial directorial debut, Angelina Jolie examines the 1992-1995 Bosnian conflict through the eyes of those who lived it

In Moscow, the Rules Have Changed

By Barbara Frye + December 13th, 2011

We’ve read about why Russians have finally had enough. But why have the authorities reacted as they have?


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