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A Truth Commission for Europe’s Roma?

By Ky Krauthamer + April 8th, 2012

To tackle deep-rooted anti-Gypsyism, it is necessary to increase public awareness about the past mass atrocities against the Roma people

Bosnia 2025

By S. Adam Cardais + April 5th, 2012

A polymathic group offers five scenarios for the future of Bosnia

Online Dissent Around Belarusian Executions

By Jeremy Druker + March 23rd, 2012

Many bloggers believe the executed to be victims of the regime, and some have even posted the men’s pictures on their social media pages.

Doing Good With Data

By Ky Krauthamer + March 9th, 2012

Statistical analysis can be a powerful tool against crime, but it must be used with care.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

By S. Adam Cardais + March 8th, 2012

A Russian journalist offers a chilling portrait of the KGB officer turned pol

The Legitimacy Thing

By Barbara Frye + March 5th, 2012

Russia’s presidential election was so predictable, and so disputed, that it’s not the results that are the main topic of conversation.

Too-Great Expectations?

By Barbara Frye + February 28th, 2012

What does a new documentary about Nashi tell us about the next generation of Russian politicians and activists?

Georgia’s Transformation

By S. Adam Cardais + February 23rd, 2012

When it comes to corruption, polling suggests that Georgians feel their country has cleaned up its act since the Rose Revolution

Where Will Russian Democracy Come From?

By Barbara Frye + February 14th, 2012

And what will it look like when it does?

Georgia: Saakashvili The Corruption Slayer

By S. Adam Cardais + February 2nd, 2012

In a new report, The World Bank lauds the Georgian president’s fight against graft and public misconduct

The Former USSR 20 Years On: Lessons for the Arab Spring?

By S. Adam Cardais + January 26th, 2012

Looking back on the former Soviet Union’s bumpy road since 1991 offers cause for concern in the Arab world today, but also for optimism

The Czech Republic’s Bonus Bonanza

By Jeremy Druker + January 18th, 2012

There seems to be more than a touch of envy in all of this outrage over bloated pay for some government officials.

2.5 Million Russian Phantoms Can’t Be Wrong

By Ky Krauthamer + January 16th, 2012

“ask about guarantees for the solution of your issue in case you pay the bribe”

In Russia, It’s the Geeks Versus the Tank Brigade

By Barbara Frye + January 10th, 2012

Some funny, weird, and ominous stories are coming out of Russia since the massive protests that may give a hint about the level of anxiety that they have provoked.

Anti-corruption Mania!

By Jeremy Druker + December 14th, 2011

Nowadays it seems that everywhere you look corruption is the buzzword of Czech society.

In Moscow, the Rules Have Changed

By Barbara Frye + December 13th, 2011

We’ve read about why Russians have finally had enough. But why have the authorities reacted as they have?

Moscow’s Syria Dilemma

By Barbara Frye + November 29th, 2011

Honest broker, fellow autocracy, or mercenary arms dealer? Whatever its role, if Assad falls, Russia is twice burned.

Reform With a Touch of Nationalism-Lite

By Barbara Frye + November 8th, 2011

Reformist zeal doesn’t need to link hands with xenophobic anger.

The More Corruption Changes, the More It Stays the Same

By Ky Krauthamer + October 28th, 2011

In political matters it is very hard for a man in office to be purer than his neighbours


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