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Another Russian Rights Worker in the Cross Hairs

By Barbara Frye + October 5th, 2012

We’ve been here before. Let’s hope it doesn’t lead where it often does.

Pussy Riot Behind Bars

By S. Adam Cardais + September 27th, 2012

The Russian dissident punk rockers open up to GQ about their lives in prison

Europe: Too Afraid to Fail?

By S. Adam Cardais + September 6th, 2012

Fear inspired the EU’s creation – will fear save it?

Tatarstan’s Word Wars

By Ky Krauthamer + August 27th, 2012

In the 1990s Tatarstan carved out a special role within the Russian Federation. In the 2000s much of that progress was rolled back by a resurgent Moscow, starting with an assault on the Latin alphabet.

Putin and the “Other Russia”

By S. Adam Cardais + August 23rd, 2012

How do rural working class Russians really feel about Vladimir Putin?

Pussy Riot’s Defiance, Part II

By S. Adam Cardais + August 17th, 2012

The feminist rockers have put Putin’s Kremlin firmly under the international microscope

Pussy Riot’s Defiance

By S. Adam Cardais + August 9th, 2012

As their ‘hooliganism’ trial ends, Russia’s newly famous feminist rockers stand firm

Putin’s Pitiful Progress Report

By S. Adam Cardais + July 19th, 2012

Judging by his first 60 days in office, the Russian president could be turning into his own worst enemy

Yellow-Bellied European Pols Deserve Yellow Cards

By Ky Krauthamer + May 11th, 2012

“I can understand the politicians who sympathize with Yulia Tymoshenko, but nothing stands in their way to express this sympathy in a clear way during the championships.”

Putin’s Strange New Base

By S. Adam Cardais + May 10th, 2012

Vladimir Putin won a third presidential term by appealing to the working class, the people who’ve benefited least from his rule. Can he hold their support?

Russian Democracy? Define Your Terms

By Barbara Frye + April 3rd, 2012

A recent television discussion reveals the country’s highly theoretical relationship to truly representative government.

The View From the Center-East

By Ky Krauthamer + March 16th, 2012

Russians are not unhappy people but neither could you say that they have a lot of fun. Russians do not want to live in Russia.

Honoring Russia’s Pretty Police Ladies

By Barbara Frye + March 14th, 2012

Wearing high heels on police raids is among the accomplishments noted on International Women’s Day

Who is Vladimir Putin?

By S. Adam Cardais + March 8th, 2012

A Russian journalist offers a chilling portrait of the KGB officer turned pol

The Legitimacy Thing

By Barbara Frye + March 5th, 2012

Russia’s presidential election was so predictable, and so disputed, that it’s not the results that are the main topic of conversation.

Putin Opponents, March! Left, Right, Left …

By Ky Krauthamer + March 3rd, 2012

Prilepin is also engaged in opposition politics. He belongs to the “radical left opposition party coalition” Other Russia.

Too-Great Expectations?

By Barbara Frye + February 28th, 2012

What does a new documentary about Nashi tell us about the next generation of Russian politicians and activists?

Where Will Russian Democracy Come From?

By Barbara Frye + February 14th, 2012

And what will it look like when it does?

The Former USSR 20 Years On: Lessons for the Arab Spring?

By S. Adam Cardais + January 26th, 2012

Looking back on the former Soviet Union’s bumpy road since 1991 offers cause for concern in the Arab world today, but also for optimism


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