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2.5 Million Russian Phantoms Can’t Be Wrong

By Ky Krauthamer + January 16th, 2012

“ask about guarantees for the solution of your issue in case you pay the bribe”

In Russia, It’s the Geeks Versus the Tank Brigade

By Barbara Frye + January 10th, 2012

Some funny, weird, and ominous stories are coming out of Russia since the massive protests that may give a hint about the level of anxiety that they have provoked.

Funny Business at the Russian Elections

By Ky Krauthamer + January 8th, 2012

United Russia was credited with 3-plus million votes in precincts with turnouts of over 97 percent.

In Moscow, the Rules Have Changed

By Barbara Frye + December 13th, 2011

We’ve read about why Russians have finally had enough. But why have the authorities reacted as they have?

Moscow’s Syria Dilemma

By Barbara Frye + November 29th, 2011

Honest broker, fellow autocracy, or mercenary arms dealer? Whatever its role, if Assad falls, Russia is twice burned.

Reform With a Touch of Nationalism-Lite

By Barbara Frye + November 8th, 2011

Reformist zeal doesn’t need to link hands with xenophobic anger.

Putin and the Presidency: An Unwelcome Return?

By S. Adam Cardais + September 29th, 2011

Vladimir Putin’s grip on Russian politics could stretch to 2024 with Dmitry Medvedev handing over the presidency next year, but Russians are growing weary of the ex-KGB officer

Prokhorov Shoots From Half-Court … It’s In! … It’s Out!

By Ky Krauthamer + September 16th, 2011

Since getting the official seal of approval to stand in the elections, Prokhorov then began to look something like a true opposition candidate.

Party On, Mr. Lenin

By Barbara Frye + September 1st, 2011

A journalistic account of the disintegrating Soviet Union reminds us how little independence has really meant in some places.

Rooting for the Overdog

By Barbara Frye + August 22nd, 2011

Her negatives were up, her positives were down, but that didn’t stop plucky little Valentina Matviyenko on her path to the Federation Council.

The Price of Lawlessness, Again

By Barbara Frye + July 25th, 2011

However much ink is spilled about the country’s rampant corruption or official disregard for the lives of citizens, the most forceful argument, all too often, comes when we try to sketch the last moments of someone who pays the ultimate price for that corruption.

A Switchman in the Direction of the Future

By Jeremy Druker + July 21st, 2011

How could a German group ever think it would be OK to pick Vladimir Putin as a “role model” for Germany or anyone, for that matter?

Images of Dustin Hoffman et al aren’t an unlikely sight, but when the ads in question are located in downtown Moscow promoting some mysterious children’s charity rather than the latest Hollywood flick, things start to feel a little less familiar

Surely Changing the World Was a Team Effort?

By Barbara Frye + July 4th, 2011

A Gorbachev statue somewhere in Eastern Europe might not be so misplaced.

A Man on a NATO Mission

By Jeremy Druker + June 29th, 2011

At a Prague conference commemorating the 20th anniversary of the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, participants paid tribute to a key figure of NATO expansion: Ron Asmus.

Made in Russia: Unsung Icons of Soviet Design

By Andrew Fenwick + May 17th, 2011

In the same way that certain sights and sounds help shape our understanding of a particular time or place, peculiar artefacts have a strange tendency to remain firmly lodged in the memory too. Russians, it seems, understand this only too well.

Castration Complex

By Ky Krauthamer + May 12th, 2011

The gruesome-sounding treatment for sex offenders, “chemical castration,” is being linked with Russia this week after news emerged that President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday urged that hormonal treatments for pedophiles be adopted in the country. Yet, this practice is also topical elsewhere: In South Korea, parliament adopted a castration law last year, and a judge [...]

Each “Gypsy” family would receive money from the EU for relocation. The EU and Russia will discuss the idea this year or in 2012.

Errant (Ex-) Knights of the Beautiful Game

By Ky Krauthamer + April 28th, 2011

Dutch footballing legend Ruud Gullit got his managerial stint at Terek Grozny off to a good start as the Russian football league began its 2011 season earlier this month. Just to remind you, that grozny refers to the city where the club is based, not to the club president Ramzan Kadyrov, although he can be [...]


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