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Encrypted Messages

By Barbara Frye + April 11th, 2011

Would or could Russia really ban foreign Internet services, and is that even the real question?

Guest blog: The Reaction to Bloodlands

By Jeremy Druker + March 30th, 2011

Today, I’m proud to introduce our first guest blogger, and there’s no better person to fill that role than Peter Rutland, a long-time contributor and friend of TOL (as well as being a professor of government at Wesleyan University).

Glutton for Punishment?

By Barbara Frye + March 28th, 2011

BP has been kicked around in Russia, and the recent court ruling is another blow. But maybe it has some muscle in its corner this time.

And the winner is…

By Jeremy Druker + March 16th, 2011

Last week saw the winners announced in Prague for a “New Media for Social Change” Program, added this year to the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Uzbekistan Brands Heavy Metal Fans ‘Sadists’

By Andrew Fenwick + February 22nd, 2011

Have you ever listened to heavy metal or rap music? If so, you must be a sadist, drug addict or just a generally immoral person according to Uzekistan’s state television.

Show Me the (Chinese) Money

By Jeremy Druker + February 16th, 2011

Some new economic data on the region appeared in my inbox today, care of Euromonitor International, which touts itself as “the world’s leading independent provider of business intelligence on industries, countries and consumers”. I can’t vouch for that, but I did find the China-related conclusions of particular interest.

Welcome to the Satellite of Love

By Barbara Frye + February 14th, 2011

Someone in Russia also loves the American TV classic that made dumb movies funny in a smart way.

When Naomi Met Vlad

By Andrew Fenwick + February 8th, 2011

From the likes of Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi you might get the impression that admiring beautiful women is something of a prerequisite for a European head of state.

The Teflon Tandem

By Jeremy Druker + February 2nd, 2011

I’ve been struck over the past few years with how upfront various donors have been over the lack of new ideas for spurring civic engagement in Russia. At least twice, I’ve heard long-time funders of Russia practically beg for new ideas, as they’ve tired of receiving the same old proposals from the same old members of Russia’s embattled NGO sector. Some recent research makes clear why.

BBC World Service Caught in the Middle

By Andrew Fenwick + January 26th, 2011

The BBC is cutting 650 jobs at the World Service with five foreign-language services shutting down completely. Has the corporation put itself in an untenable position?

Ruud Awakening

By Ky Krauthamer + January 20th, 2011

Back in Ruud Gullit’s playing days, a “lethal strike” was a thing of beauty: a wicked volley or devious dodge-and-shoot to score another goal for AC Milan or the Dutch national side. At his new team, lethal might mean exactly that for enemies of the team president – dead, kaput, pushing up daisies and if [...]

Welcome to East of Center

By Barbara Frye + January 3rd, 2011

We kick off our new blog with a look at the notion that the second guilty verdict for Mikhail Khodorkovsky is only the latest and most visible in a series of moves destined to scare away investors.

Tbilisi: Where cultures meet

By Onnik Krikorian + December 25th, 2009

Small though it may be, an Azeri tea house run by an ethnic Armenian family represents the reality that individuals from the ethnic groups can co-exist side by side.


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